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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Breaking News For Lockdown in Uttar Pradesh India

* In a high-level meeting chaired by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath - *

_ The state government decided to do this

_ * 1 *. All districts will remain under lockdown till April 30. There will be two classes of districts. There will be districts in A category where not a single corona positive case has been found till 14 April. In class B, there will be districts where positive cases have been met or there is a possibility of more by April 14.
Some concessions will be given in districts with _A category ._
Restrictions will be fully continued in districts with _B category ._
_*2*. Any movement in areas with hotspots marked in districts will be completely banned. Here the administration will arrange for ration and other important items.
_ * 3 *. By April 30, there will be a ban on the submission of more than five people anywhere in the state and section 144 will remain in force.
_ * 4 *. It will be mandatory to wear masks in public places throughout the state till May 31 and the policy of social distancing will also remain in force till this date.
_ * 6 *. The boundaries of class B districts will remain sealed and the transport of goods will also not be within the boundaries of the districts. Concession in transportation can be granted in class A districts with the permission of the Collector. There will be no movement between class A and class B districts. Currently applicable passes will be valid. Health tests etc. will continue
_ * 7 *. By assessing the risk, leaving the hotspot areas, DM will be able to allow construction, industrial production and mining.
_ * 8 *. Permission of stamp and registration under rules in all districts ._

ये * _They were also decided_ *
_ * 9 *. * These will remain closed *: Hotel, Dharamshala, Home Stay, Mall, Cinema Hall, Multiplex, Gym, Restaurant, Bar, Religious Institutions etc. will remain closed. No personnel or other person shall be removed without the permission of the Collector.
_ * 10 *. Except hotspots, they will be allowed: Farming, horticulture, horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy, fisheries, harvesting, sowing etc. will be allowed. Workers will not be able to be brought from outside the state limits and from class B districts.
_ * 11 *. All schools, colleges and other educational institutions in the state will remain closed till May 15.
_ * 12 *. Ban on the use of air conditioners in the state till May 15, except for hospitals etc._
_ * 13 *. Concession: Own vehicles will be able to travel between class A districts between 7 am and 1 pm. Vehicles will not move between class A and class B districts, only the necessary goods can be transported.
_ * 14 *. Restrictions will be made more stringent if new cases of corona infection occur, including in class A districts.
_ * 15 *. Those who are quarantined will not be allowed to move around ._
_ * 16 *. All private hospitals and other medical institutions will be open in the state and social distance policy will be followed.
_ * 17 *. Following the social distance, MNREGA will be allowed in class A districts.

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